Last Updated on November 5, 2017 by Paul Farrell, MRP, JD, PhD

For seventeen years Dr Farrell’s columns were published in The Wall Street Journal and on which he joined as Mutual Funds Editor when MarketWatch was launched in 1997, originally as a joint venture of CBS-News and The Financial Times, later purchased by DowJones in 2004.
Between 1997 and 2015 Dr Farrell published 1,643 columns and was DowJones-MarketWatch’s #1 online traffic-generating columnist for several years, focusing on the controversial economic risks of global warming and climate change.
Dr. Farrell’s published books include The Millionaire Code … The Zen Millionaire … The Winning Portfolio … Expert Investing on The Net … Mutual Funds on The Net … The Lazy Person’s Guide to Investing ... and The Millionaire Meditation: Stress Management for Wall Street, Corporate America & Entrepreneurs.
Back in the 1990’s before the Internet, Dr. Farrell published FNX: Future News Index, a financial newsletter for stock market traders. Earlier he was an investment banker on Wall Street with Morgan Stanley … an Executive Vice President and Head of Production at the Financial News Network …  and Associate Editor of the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.
He has a Doctorate in Psychology, Juris Doctor, Masters in Regional Planning, and Bachelor of Architecture. Years ago he was licensed to practice law in Michigan and Virginia. He served in Korea as a U.S. Marine Corps Staff Sergeant in aviation radar and computer technology.