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Relationships Zone #7 - Mentoring, coaching, teaching, action meditations!

Relationships Zone #7 – Mentoring, coaching, teaching, action meditations!

Many executives serve as mentors for the next generation of leaders. For some it may be as simple as coaching your son’s Little League team, perhaps scoutmaster of a local troop, or a big brother, a role model for a disadvantaged kid, helping him build confidence and find direction in his life.

Mentoring, Coaching, Teaching are Meditations in Action

Not all executives will be in the league of power-players as Goldman Sachs’ Paulson. But that didn’t stop Morgan Stanley vice president Claudine McIntee. Here’s her story from The Corporate Athlete: McIntee says

“I live in a suburb outside of New York City, and every morning when I travel in, I pray. It gets me focused and centered for the day. Every Wednesday, I also read to a fourth-grade student from an inner city school for an hour and a half, trying to be a role-model for her … It is really very rewarding, because when I am crazy or I get worked up over something at work, I walk to see this kid and talk to her … there were people in my life who have given to me. I feel a sense of responsibility to give back to others.”

Mentoring, coaching and teaching are a big part of being an effective leader, and a measure of a person’s true character. In these kinds of relationships you’re bringing the best out of a person so they can become more effective, productive, and better equipped to make independent decisions and take on the world themselves.

In every one of these situations your role as a mentor, coach and teacher is a perfect opportunity to get out of yourself and meditate along with the other person – by focusing solely on helping them. And the great thing about this way of meditating is that you don’t have to tell them you’re meditating at all, or even label what you’re doing “meditation,” to anyone.

You just do it.

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