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 Creativity Zone! Do what you love is the best meditation for your soul! Trust! Action! Leap! And the net will appear!

Creativity Zone! Do what you love is the best meditation for your soul! Trust! Action! Leap! And the net will appear!


“Leap, and the net will appear.

God has lots of money. God has lots of movie ideas, novel ideas, poems, songs, paintings, acting jobs. God has a supply of loves, friends, houses that are all available to us.

By listening to the Creator within, we are led to our right path. On that path we find friends, lovers, money, and meaningful work.”

– Julie Cameron, The Artist’s Way


One of the great things about this new way of meditation is that you can meditate while you continue doing things you already love doing, where your way of meditating is effortless, making what you already love doing even more enjoyable; moreover, you probably won’t think of it as “meditation.”

Seriously, it is so easy and natural to slip imperceptibly into this creative zone of meditation and not even know it- as if you are guided by some mysterious force. Then suddenly, you’re in it, filled with a sense of peace. One of my favorite mystics, Veronique Vienne, captures it this way: “You are enlightened, though you don’t know what it means … let alone care about it.” It just is and you just are. All creative meditations have this mysterious quality.

Go Into the Creative Zone and Your Meditations will Happen Naturally

Without “thinking” about it, a paradoxical sense of peace and passion envelopes you when you enter this zone. Somehow – you’re not really sure how – it all just happens naturally, without “thinking” about it you are creating, and meditating, and you feel complete. That’s the best kind of meditation.

How Do I Do That?

You can increase the odds of this happening. How? Easy. First, select experiences that you already know make you feel good without working at them! That’s right, make whatever you’re doing into a meditation. Stuff that’s fun, enjoyable, pleasurable. Let me repeat that for emphasis: Pick something you love doing anyway, and then, let it become your way of meditating!

In fact, anything you love doing creatively will work. Creativity is pure meditation, and creative activities – singing, playing a musical instrument, painting, photography, sculpture, knitting, dancing, journal writing, acting, hobbies of all kinds, and all other creative activities – are natural ways everyone uses to meditate.

It’s NOT Hard

And yet most people don’t think of the creativity activities they’re doing as ‘meditation’ – they’re just enjoying what they’re doing! We’ve got this strange belief that meditation has to be difficult. Or we feel guilty because we’re escaping from being productive. Or because somewhere in the past we were told that having fun can’t possibly be meditation, because meditation is something you work at and struggle with.

It’s a Spiritual Thing

Fortunately many others know that creative expression arises naturally from a spirit deep within us that cannot be denied. Perhaps that’s why so many creative people describe what they’re doing in spiritual terms, with a profound sense that they have been given a gift from the gods, something to be embraced with passion and with a sense of gratitude toward some mysterious, universal creator.

You Become One with the Inner Creator

The creative zone is the place most people naturally go to meditate. In fact, we all go there quite often, not as professional artists to make a living, we go there because the urge to create is in every living being, without exception.

So as you read through these creative ways of meditating, stop for a few moments every now and then. Ask yourself how often you escape from the stresses of everyday life and slip naturally into a meditative state by tapping into the creative power within you, each in some small way—it may begin as innocent and simple as humming in the shower, admiring a work of art in a gallery, writing a little poem on a card to your mother, making a special dinner for loved ones, reading a novel, patiently listening to a small child read a fairytale to you, or even designing the cover of a business report.

Creative meditation is a state of mind and spirit that emerges naturally from deep within you, joyfully and without much effort on your part, it just happens. Trust it, for in these meditations you are tapping into a powerful inner creative spirit.

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