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Welcome To The New "Action Meditation" Zones, The Center Of America's "Mindfulness Revolution!"

Welcome To The New “Action Meditation” Zones, The Center Of America’s “Mindfulness Revolution!”


Everything You’ll Ever Want To Know

About “Mindfulness” & The New “Action Meditations!”

The Journey We’re On!


Welcome aboard, and keep coming back, you’ll learn everything you need to know about meditating by doing things you already love doing, anytime, anywhere.

Take a  leisurely stroll around the site. See why 258,000,000 Americans – yes, 80% of all men and women – are already naturally into “action meditations!” You’ll learn everything you need to know about all kinds of meditating, doing things you already enjoy doing, anytime and anywhere – and you’ll never want to stop, you’ll just keep doing it forever!

You’ll learn that millions of Americans are already meditating in mindful actions, doing what comes naturally to them – walking, hiking, cycling, running, swimming, tennis, golf, surfing, martial arts, plus creative activities like writing in personal journals, hobbies, parenting, strolling through museums, and so much of daily living is filled natural opportunities to actively meditate – yes, even eating chocolate can be meditation says America’s leading heart specialist. Truth is, you can’t “not meditate,” it is who you are!

You will quickly learn the four simple rules that contain everything you’ll ever need to know to transform anything you do into a meditation – in your work, at play, and with your friends and loved ones, and do it without burning incense, chanting or sitting uncomfortably for hours. Nothing really new, these are just the same basic rules practiced by the masters worldwide throughout history.

You’ll also see how many men and women quietly transform their jobs and careers into a way of meditating and living at peace with themselves; entrepreneurs working on multimillion dollar deals, successful Wall Street professionals, and executives throughout Corporate America.

Now that I really have your attention, please join me and discover the benefits of this new perspective and way of life – including stress reduction … healthier living, physically, mentally and spiritually … more satisfying relationships at work and at home … increased energy … higher productivity … success on the bottom line … and most of all peace of mind. 

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